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expedia Reviews

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  • Poor customer service

    I was happy to purchase a roundtrip domestic flight through Expedia, with insurance. I've spent thousands on trip insurance over the years of international travel but never needed to use it. Until 2 weeks ago. I had a fever and flu and knew the airline would not let me even get on their plane, even if I felt like it. I contacted Expedia about delaying my flight one day and returning on the same flight that was booked. They said they could not help me with the insurance reimbursement but would rebook my flight. After telling me that American Airlines was very difficult to work with... More...
    suejackson5's Picture   suejackson5    0 Comments   Comments
  • car hire

    Simply tried to book a car from Dublin airport, no confirmation received money taken from my account therefore had to book another car elsewhere, 10 phone conversations with Expedia plus facebook contact, no result now expect me to chase Expedia US, absolute shambles, incompetent service More...
    JohnSinclair's Picture   JohnSinclair    0 Comments   Comments
  • flight hotel booking change

    Do not book on expedia, All the customer service representatives are liars. They put you on the hold for 3 hours and then they hangs up the phone. my flight is cancelled due to snow storm so I called the expedia to make changes. Even though on the phone for five hours and assured by the rep that everything will be taken care of within 24 hours Nothing happened. Please never ever book on expedia.. More...
    dis123's Picture   dis123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Booking is Strugle and so much compromise

    This is about an ordeal we went through for booking a simple trip at one of the most celebrated and popular travel company - Expedia. It all started from a friend expressing their desire to celebrate something significant at a certain place. They invited 3 of us as couples and we all decided to celebrate something significant there. Once our vacation leaves were confirmed we started looking things online. We narrowed our choice down to a package offered at Expedia. Our ordeal began at 10.30 pm and lasted till 1.00 in the morning just to book a simple trip for 8 people. First we were told... More...
    harshshah273's Picture   harshshah273    0 Comments   Comments
  • expedia flights

    I booked a flight to Chicago through Expedia. When I bought this flight I bought the insurance with the flight because I have Multiple Sclerosis and was concerned that if I bought the flight and had a flare up that I might be unable to make the flight. When The day came to fly back home I was very ill and called Expedia to make the change. They not only were rude on the phone but they told me that I would have a cancelation fee for my flight and I would have to go through a separate entity to try and get a refund for my flight. I am so beyond frustrated with this company and think this is... More...
    tessacurtis's Picture   tessacurtis    0 Comments   Comments
  • Buyer Beware-Don't book with Expedia

    In the middle of booking a flight for 4 travelers to Puerto Vallarta the website kept saying it couldn't process the transaction and to wait a moment and try again. After several failed attempts with no understanding of what the issue was I got on the phone with customer service. While on the phone they scammed the price up $43/ticket. Asked for a supervisor, got bounced around and never was able to speak with a supervisor. Crappy customer service! Buyer Beware! Also, I tried to select the worst rating on this site and it wouldn't let me. More...
    denvercol's Picture   denvercol    0 Comments   Comments
  • Took my money for a booking never confirmed

    I was booking with Expedia Philippines a flight and hotel. After giving my card info and clicking continue i got a message that the booking could not be confirmed because the flight booking did not go through. Then i see that my bank card was still charged $600 !!! I cant get anyone with Expedia to tell me why or what to do. The toll free number they gave me for the Philippines branch is a USA number and does not work!! My bank says it cant help that there is no contact info on Expedia Philippines! The customer service does not do anything. I was a hold to a supervisor for ever then they... More...
    garyliving's Picture   garyliving    0 Comments   Comments
  • Response to complaint

    Expedia makes no effort to respond to complaints. I have made phone calls, sent emails and written letter with no reply to date. Their website states they will send confirmation of receipt of complaint within 48 hrs. That is absolute rubbish! I have been sending request simply for them to confirm receipt of my valid complaint with no response at all. One of my phone calls a month ago did get through to someone who agreed I had a valid complaint and said she would forward details to the 'Escalation Dept' promising me an email copy. Nothing received of course! I have used Expedia... More...
    Mass101's Picture   Mass101    0 Comments   Comments
  • Advertise flights they don't really have

    I tried to book my honeymoon from houston to Santa Cruz de Tenerife after having to cancel the first flight because they didn't make our connecting flight from Madrid to Santa Cruz upon our return. We attempted to try again from the beginning. A week after booking we got an email saying something was wrong with our itinerary. I call, they have no idea what I'm talking about. I get transferred around to 4 different people. What it sounds like to me is that they are advertising flights they don't really have. I have filed a complaint to FTC and am writing as many reviews as I... More...
    Hillarie's Picture   Hillarie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia Left Me Stranded

    I am simply requesting a refund of $388.60 for the one-way ticket I had to purchase at the airport on May 24th, 2015, when Expedia told me I'd need to find my own way home after sending me an itinerary for a flight that did not exist. This is in reference to my trip on 21-24 May 2015 (Itinerary Number: 1101277810489). Here's why: On this trip booked through Expedia, I arrived at the airport for the return leg of my flight (my trip home from travel), only to find that the airline (Frontier Airlines) ticket counter was closed and they had cancelled my flight, according to a... More...
    Stranded's Picture   Stranded    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad

    So I missed spelled my friends name on airline ticket with Expedia. I been calling them for the last 3 days. On June 17 2015 @ around 630pm. They had me on the phone for 2 hour and 21 minutes. They didn't fix the problem then, They said they will get back to me in 24hrs "Never Did". I had to call back again today June 18 2015. Been on hold with them, Now for 1 hour and 39 minutes. I WILL NEVER BOOK WITH EXPEDIA EVER AGAIN, Cause of their POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I STRONGLY ADVICE, Just book DIRECTLY with the airline or with A REAL TRAVEL AGENT. That is my advice for people,... More...
    standiego's Picture   standiego    0 Comments   Comments
  • Car booking cannot change schedule

    I have booked a car through the Expedia web, my shcedule is May15 08:30am to May19 4:00pm, since I don't know the choosing button has am or pm. I choose 4:00 anyway, finally it come out 4:00am. I try to follow the instruction in the web to change or cancel the booking, but it never work. I email to the Expedia and ask for help, it is very simple because I jusy want to revise the return time. But the answer is " sorry, we can't help" and I must contact the car rental company myself and they give me the email address. I contacted the car rental but they said since I booked... More...
    bestedyy's Picture   bestedyy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never use Expedia

    Booked 2 hotel rooms for 8 adults. After I had made the booking I phoned the hotel direct to make enquiries and the hotel advised that they do not have rooms that hold 4 adults and they would contact Expedia. I emailed Expedia to advise of this information. The hotel emailed me to advise that they could not honour this booking as the rooms I had booked do not exist. Expedia confirmed to my, by email, that the rooms would I have to be cancelled and for me to rebook. I advised that I did not want to rebook as I was not willing to pay the price charged for a double room. I requested that... More...
    joroberts7's Picture   joroberts7    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Customer Service Experience

    below is the copy of my complaint sent to Expedia! Someone just replied to me. There is a glimpse of hope that this issue might get resolved! I'll put update on this site as I go. RE: Other:Payment - Case ID : [REQ:M-10149796] Hello Chester. Thank you for your reply regarding my complaint! I%u2019m resending the full version of it (since your website has a character limitations I think you only got the second half) from the email associated with the account, as you requested. Also please feel free to write back to this email: a*******@yahoo.com From: one VERY disappointed... More...
    pogogagik's Picture   pogogagik    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible experience

    Truly HORRIBLE experience with Expedia! From one VERY disappointed customer. We've been trying to get a refund for the airplane ticket because the passenger could not fly as he got sick! We called on April 12th around 3 am Pacific Time (literally within an hour of the incident) and spoke with the Expedia representative John at the extension #7919. He put us on hold for HALF AN HOUR while talking to the Transaero Air lines. He told us that the case was escalated to the supervisor and that it was a matter of approval for us to get a refund. He also gave us a confirmation number... More...
    pogogagik's Picture   pogogagik    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia: Poor Customer Service

    Don't trust their "best price guarantee!" I found three websites with lower prices then theirs but I decided to book my reservation through expedia because of their name. After making the booking, I followed the exact guidelines required to receive the guaranteed lower price. They said it would take 5 business days for the confirmation, but after waiting two weeks I decided to contact customer service. They told me that the form for best price guarantee, which is online, was never received and as a result they would not give me the best price guarantee! Seriously!? It... More...
    hlancer's Picture   hlancer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Purchasing tickets

  • Expedia scammed me

    I purchased my ticket through expedia. They never sent a confirmation email. I tried calling them, but there was no live representative to get in touch with. I called American Airlines to find out what time and day my flight would take off. They told me the wrong day. It was supposed to be for March 5th, but I was told Friday the 6th. Later they said they couldn't do anything about the situation because my purchase was through Expedia. I purchased another flight for my daughter to fly with me on Friday the 6th, when I thought my ticket was. On Friday I found out I had missed my flight... More...
    ysh33's Picture   ysh33    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never book through Expedia!

    We booked a vacation package and called in (within 24 hrs) to change to an earlier flight (same airline, same day).The rep told us she was going to charge us $150 to make this change and said that this was the fee charged by the airline. And I had to tell her that I looked up the airline's policy and it clearly states that there is no charge if we make changes within 24 hours. Next, this rep said ok, and goes on to say then we will charge you $86 for the change because the airline ticket cost has gone up. I pointed out the fact that, if I go onto Expedia's website to book this... More...
    m789's Picture   m789    0 Comments   Comments
  • expedia has the worst costumer support

    I called Expedia customer support to report an unknown charge to my account of $10 for an extra guest fee. There was only four people checking in and I was charged for five. I asked for the charges to be dropped to which he told me several times their rules about refunding after 20 minutes on the phone most that I was on hold for and usually was not told that I was being placed on hold. The charges where not dropped and I'll never use Expedia again. More...
    bmatson's Picture   bmatson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Just an overall rubbish experience.

    I have booked many trips online in the past, with a number of organizations. I have never had an issue with booking... until I used expedia. The first person I spoke to was very accommodating over making changes to a trip that I had booked. The changes were made, and apparently I was refunded the money. However, I am still waiting for the refund to appear on my credit card. When the charges for my revised trip came in, I was floored. I ended up paying an additional $700.00 because even though the trip was listed in Canadian dollars, they argued that I had used expedia.com rather than... More...
  • Fraudulent/beware!!!

    Expedia sold me a package to the Mia Reef Resort, Isla Mujeres, Mexico.(ALL INCLUSIVE) The pictures & amenities were completely inaccurate, deceiving, and false. When we arrived at the so called"3.6 star" hotel, the property was almost demolished... There was no front lobby, no beautiful water fall, no elevators, no exercise room, no lush grounds... Instead we got two guys sitting at a card table to check us in, cold water everyday, and in-fact no water at all for two days, construction materials all over property, including the beach, live animals in room, broken sliding... More...
    Truthful2014's Picture   Truthful2014    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia's so called "Total Package Protection Plan"

    Expedia's protection plan are a joke......The Total Package protection plan is a crime. I can't believe they even offer this plan. When you are asked about signing up for this $150.00 plan it states within the purchase window "Cancel for Any Reason" and receive a refund. It does not include that you will not be refunded the purchase price of the Airfare which in our case would be a $1,308.28. My wife and I rarely travel and booked this 6 months ago and keep in mind that this trip does not even happen for 6 months but to some unseen events in our household we decided to... More...
    whughes5's Picture   whughes5    0 Comments   Comments
  • Holiday Flights Changed 3 times

    I recently booked a holiday using Expedia and my flights have changed 3 times. Each time I have booked seats with the airlines and due to changes, have now had to re-book only to find that my children and myself now have to endure a 7.5 hour flight back to the UK and cannot sit next to each other, in fact, there are not even 2 seats together so we are going to have to sit one behind each other. This really is not good enough! I have also had to change my travel plans to and from the airport each time. Not a happy customer! More...
    Yvey's Picture   Yvey    0 Comments   Comments
  • very Bad Service Expedia

    I'm really disappointed, I been customer with Expedia from really long time, using their service every time I travel somewhere, thinking that they will protect your rights if anything wrong happened with the airlines, and they will make sure that you will get the service you paid for, that's why I didn't care that their prices are more expensive than a lot of companies offering the same service, I booked a roundtrip Ticket with them (Expedia) cairo to LA, LA to Cairo, supposed to go backto cairo on the 17th, on air france, and they had pilots strike on that time and the... More...
    Minasoli's Picture   Minasoli    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible! Avoid !!

    Booked a car through Expedia with Europcar Edinburgh.Had checked in writing about acceptance of Indian Driving licence TWICE. When we went to take delivery we were flatly refused on basis of our license and top of it the the supervisor Nazar [ incidentally had a huge bad breath ] intimidated us and said "we will never give our cars to you Indians". The guy was rude, obnoxious and abusive Our expensive holiday was totally ruined by Expedia's unprofessional behaviour. So my suggestion just avoid them.Incidentally we hired then from Enterprise who were more than happy to do so. More...
    ajaykohli's Picture   ajaykohli    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad customer service

    good day i would like to complain about Expedia's customer service: i contacted this agency to book a flight from Chicago to Johannesburg on the 8th of January and a return flight on the 15th of January and they gave me the quotation of $1108.00 so i accepted the quote and made a payment. the booking was made on the Sunday and on the Monday i received an email stating that the airline could not confirm my flight from Chicago to Washington so i called Expedia and they then advised me that they will change my flight from Ethiopian airlines to united airlines and that it would cost me... More...
    mmoller1605's Picture   mmoller1605    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia is the worst never use them!

    Was going on a vacation and book my hotel through Expedia, price looked good and used my credit card to book the room. The Hotel charged me the full amount and more. I contacted expedia and from the customer service was told that it was their mistake and will refund me the difference. I asked for an email stating such and they said would be happy to. Never got the email and waited a few days....Call #2 they told me yes it was their mistake and will issue me coupons for my next booking, I was not happy with this but decided to give up the fight and send me the coupons...well never sent me... More...
    ExpediaUser's Picture   ExpediaUser    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia Service Never Again! $3,000.00 down the drain!!

    Copy of my letter to Expedia, of which they did NOTHING!!! Dear Sirs, I am writing in complaint of a situation caused by your company and requesting a full refund. I purchased tickets for my son & his fiancé for their honeymoon. The tickets were round-trip from Nashville, TN to Rome, Italy on June 8, 2014. The total cost of the tickets were $3,158.20. The tickets were purchased on 11/5/13. On 1/9/14 I was notified by email of a flight time & equipment change on the Naples to Frankfurt, Germany flight. A change of 20 minutes. But, on June 8, 2014 my son & his... More...
    Kathygking's Picture   Kathygking    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia nonresponsive customer service

    I booked a reservation based on search returns from Expedia. My criteria included Tarbert, Isle of Harris, Scotland, 22 May. The search returned Anchor Hotel, which I booked. On arrival in Tarbert I could not locate Anchor Hotel. At the Tourist Information Centre I was told that this had happened before. Anchor Hotel is not on the Isle of Harris but in Tarbert, County of Argyl, a ferry passage and 100 miles distant. No point contacting the hotel because they have a 48 hr 100% cancellation fee. Expedia customer service refuses to recognize that they supplied me with incorrect information... More...
    Frustration's Picture   Frustration    0 Comments   Comments
  • Booked wrong room..sent me confirmation for right one..

    Booked a hotel a month I advance for Buffalo, NY. Even called into Expedia rather than making the reservation online, because I wanted to be ASSURED by a human being that I was getting a two queen bed suite, rather than a one king bed suite, as I have 3 children traveling besides my husband and I. I spoke to the rep at Expedia, they assured me I was getting the two bed suite, sent me a confirmation that I was in fact getting the two bed suite. When I checked in today, I was told Expedia booked the 1 king bed suite, and the hotel was fully booked, so there was nothing they could offer me... More...
    LisaLisa26's Picture   LisaLisa26    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Service

    Hello, I am writing to you about my recent experience with your service. It was very disappointing and terrible. I am writing to tell you that I will wait for 48 hours, and if don’t hear anything from you I will Post this entire travesty on Facebook, Twitter, Travel Review Sites, and Yelp. Big deal right. I will also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Dispute all charges with my credit card company. I booked itinerary 171974896691, on March 19. That night after I saw a flight time change I checked the cost again and the same itinerary on your site fell from... More...
    bill9571's Picture   bill9571    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service

    Hello, I am writing to you about my recent experience with your service. It was very disappointing and terrible. I am writing to tell you that I will wait for 48 hours, and if don’t hear anything from you I will Post this entire travesty on Facebook, Twitter, Travel Review Sites, and Yelp. Big deal right. I will also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Dispute all charges with my credit card company. I booked itinerary 171974896691, on March 19. That night after I saw a flight time change I checked the cost again and the same itinerary on your site fell from... More...
  • Customer service booked wrong flight

    Horrible Customer Service!!!! Not worth saving a few dollars when I ended up paying over $300 in change fees for a flight that was only $400 to begin with! Called and was on the phone for an hour only to get the runaround- transfered 3 times to different people and no one helped at all even though they were responsible for the mistake. Booked me the wrong return date and then wouldn't take responsibility- horrible company!! More...
    liziguillen's Picture   liziguillen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia have serious training issue

    Have tried so hard to get Expedia to fix a mistake they made with my booking and have spoken to literally dozens of untrained foreigners who don't listen. You give them a booking reference and a date and they repeat it back incorrectly; then they say they have no booking for that reference; eventually (fifth phone call, after 3 emails) I asked to speak to a manager. Took 15 minutes to speak to me. Same old garbage, except said he would phone back in 10 minutes when he had fixed the problem. HAHa - no phone call. Do Expedia have a UK presence? Prefer Booking.com and Travel Republic,... More...
    blackeyetwo's Picture   blackeyetwo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't let yourself to be their victim

    Never use expedia if u don't want to lose all ur money and do not trust them. There price often way more expensive compare to the others web and their customer service is really really bad, they won't help u except taking ur money away. One time I was booking with expedia to Asia and I'm called back when it less then 24h before my trip, tried to either to cancel or change the trip. Because of less than 24hours so according to the policy I was worrying I couldn't change it but they told me I could had if I paid the fee for 250$. And pay for whatever extra cost of the... More...
    Superbuyer102's Picture   Superbuyer102    0 Comments   Comments
  • Room with cockroach and refused to help

    My boyfriend and I wanted to just get away and spend a night in a hotel so we made a reservation through expedia for the next night. Got a phone call that next morning that our room was unavailable. After several hours on the phone we ended up with a room that was not what we were told it was, however they did issue me a100 gift certificate so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and booked a room for two nights a month or so later using the certificate. There was spouse to be a jacuzzi tub big enough for over two people in the room. We got there and it was basically a tub with jets and it... More...
    jessiann06's Picture   jessiann06    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia - burned by the fine print

    I bought tickets for a trip from Australia to New Zealand (we were traveling from US to Australia and took a diversion). The tickets were $330 each roundtrip. When we got to the airport, they told us checked baggage would cost an additional $80 each way; increasing the price of the ticket by 50%. When we reviewed the ticket again, there was very small fine print suggesting some restrictions depending on the airline. There was no mention on the itinerary about baggage. There was no mention of the baggage restriction when we purchased the tickets. I would never have purchased these... More...
    McCarthys's Picture   McCarthys    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible cutomer service, web site issues and fraud -

    In trying to book travel, I had to reenter traveler info that the system had stored from prior flights and had pulled up on the screen before requiring edits to the existing traveler info, then I selected seats and paid. The web page then froze and said the itinerary was not available . I called to make sure the reservation had gone through and my charge card was charged. I was put on hold several times and the rep said that many times card were charged twice. She did not seem at all surprised by my difficulties. It took over 30 minutes for her to confirm my card had been charged once and... More...
    weegee's Picture   weegee    0 Comments   Comments
  • $6.00 cost them my business for life!!!

    I recently called Expedia to book a trip to Las Vegas. A trip I do very often. I was talking to Sam a call centre agent who works for them. I was booking two rooms and the cost of it came to $456.00. Unfortunately, my credit card limit available was $450 and my additional $60 payment was not done processing. Before, I earned the status of Elite with expedia which gives me certain perks. To earn Elite status you have to spend $10000 or book more than 15 room nights in a year. The agent said maybe we can help by getting a voucher etc and to my surprise the supervisor declined. Long story... More...
    atwalba's Picture   atwalba    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expedia upsetting emails saying my flight is changed from business to coach

    My husband just passed away. I needed to get to Fiji. I am on a budget but due to hip problems I have to fly Business Class. Expedia's business ticket was a somewhat less expensive so, for my first time, on Oct. 8th, I booked via Expedia. I am so sorry I did. I received my receipt and confirmation. Then, about 3 weeks later I received an email telling me my flight reservation has been changed..that I am flying in coach. I then called Expedia..and an agent told me there is no problem that he didn't understand why I received the email telling me I'm switched to coach.... More...
  • Expedia makes a mistake and makes you pay

    I made a hotel reservation in the car while traveling to New England. We finally found a room available on Expedia and booked it. We showed up at the hotel at 8pm, only to be told that they had no rooms. They said they had contacted Expedia hours before and they had a stack of reservations from Expedia for which they had no rooms and the people had not shown up yet. The woman at the registration desk handed me the reservation form and said to call Expedia. I immediately called Expedia, but was not able to reach customer service, so we found another room on our own at another hotel. In the... More...
    traveler33's Picture   traveler33    0 Comments   Comments

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